Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Artistic Plowing Photos

My husband has been working up more land this fall and I love to hang around and take photos. I take them for a couple of different reasons, one is to document the event and the second reason is take them for myself. My husband likes, no loves to look at my photos of our farm and our animals and I love taking the photos. I've been taking photos of this for years so I usually try to do something different or creative each time.

I always start with the expected shots, the ones that show the scene and the job being done, these are very important for the documentation part of it. Of course, these are the ones my husband appreciates the most.

Then I take some detail shots, I love using leading lines in my work and what could be better than a freshly plowed field for leading lines.

Then I get really creative and go nuts! lol. The last bunch were taken with slow shutter speeds to give a sense of motion. I think this one might be my favorite.

Nikon D3 - 70-200mm lens - ISO 100 - 1/5 second - f/22

For this panning photo, I shot on Continuous Servo mode and continuous high speed shutter release. I put my focus point on the tractor part and shot like crazy when he went by. I began shooting when the tractor was about 45 degrees to my left and ended when the tractor was about 45 degrees to my right or if the buffer filled sooner than that. I shoot and shoot and shoot. Some photos are blurry and some turn out like this. It's all worth it when you get a good one.

Nikon D3 - 70-200mm lens - ISO 100 - 1/13 second - f/10

I zoomed my lens while taking the last two shots to achieve that funky look.

Nikon D3 - 70-200mm lens - ISO 100 - 1/13 second - f/18

Nikon D3 - 70-200mm lens - ISO 100 - 1/13 second - f/14

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Judy Anne said...

Love the images. I"m looking forward to the farmers combining and doing something similar.

Judy Lange