Monday, November 16, 2009

Festival of Trees - Bobcaygeon

I attended The Festival of Trees this past weekend held at the Kawartha Settlers Village in Bobcaygeon Ontario. It was a super opportunity to shoot Christmas decorations and lights and support the local community.

They did a super job of decorating the old buildings inside and out. Here are some photos I took there. These are all single exposures, I will describe my settings used under each photo. I am not a big fan of tripods but I had to use my tripod for all these shots because of the extremely long exposure times. All photos are shot with my Nikon D3 and the Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens on Manual exposure mode.

ISO 1600 - 6 seconds - F/22

ISO 1600 - 4 seconds - F/22

These next shots are indoors shot on very long exposures to get ghosting effects caused by the people walking by and to eliminate the clutter of all the people walking in front of me. Someone would have to stand still for part of the exposure to appear at all, or as a ghost like figure. For example, in this next shot, there are two people in red jackets that are fairly solid. They were filling out ballots so they didn't move much but the two larger ghost like figures in the foreground of my image were only there for part of the exposure. There were lots of other people walking through the  frame but they didn't register at all because they weren't standing still long enough.

You will notice that I had to drop my ISO to allow for the longer exposure times.

ISO 200 - 15 seconds - F/20

ISO 100 - 30 seconds - F/22

ISO 100 - 30 seconds - F/18

My blog post wouldn't be complete without some slow shutter speed artsy photos.

ISO 200 - 1/2 second - F/5.6

ISO 500 - 1/8 second - F/5.6

ISO 320 - 1/3 second - F/9

ISO 500 - 1/8 second - F/5.6

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Jean Marie said...


Thanks for sharing the settings it is really helpful.

I know you guys are shooting super bodies, but I would love to know lens and body too.

Christina Handley said...

Hi Jean Marie,

I shot these photos with the Nikon D3 body and the Nikon 17-35mm F/2.8 lens.